Mini Stories: Mother’s Day Illustrations

Hello! I made a small series of illustrations for mother’s day, certainly inspired by my own mom but drawn to be for all. I’ve posted the individual images below in case anyone would like to send them to the mothers in their own lives 🙂 Not just on mother’s day, any day! Shared my thoughts on theme and process below. Will also post some shots of the final print and stand when I get the chance.


Thoughts on the Theme

As I get older I’ve become more and more humbled of the sacrifices parents make for their children. As kids we typically are unaware of and ungrateful for it, which is not surprising because we don’t have any perspective. Of course our parents are with us every weekend night. Of course they drive us around wherever we need to go. Of course they pay for our sustenance. (Also, my mom did this basically as a single mom??)

Now that I’m an adult happily living my own life, the level of self-sacrifice needed to raise children becomes ever more daunting. No more uninterrupted 12 hour focused work days? No more impromptu nights out together? Of course there are many joys that come with the sacrifice, and I look forward to having kids one day… but emphasis on one day.  It all makes me ever the more grateful for our parents’ collective sacrifices.

Thoughts on the Process

I’m interested in telling short but meaningful “stories,” a sort of hybrid between comic strip and picture book. My aim is to have each image be cohesive with the others but also be able to stand on its own.

This is my first completed set. It was a great exercise in developing and following a style, as well as figuring out which areas to simplify and which to draw attention to. For example, I originally had all the decorative flowers painted, but decided it was too distracting. The simpler graphic line style felt more appropriate and also suited my tastes better. I also included small details to carry through between the images, such as the teddy bear (Give & Help) and the table lamp (Worry and the Note/last card). Overall, I’m happy with it as a first effort but look forward to evolving the style and depth.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 12.46.28 AM
Earlier version with colored flowers. I liked how some looked on their own, such as this one, but when put together it was too much.
Happy Mother’s Day ❤

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