Simple Clean DIY Packaging

This is a very simple wrapping tutorial on how you can package something with a paper, string + metal look.


Uh Why…?

Sometimes I have these OCD tendencies where I decide to undertake a massive task for the sake of making something look pretty/orderly. Case in point: upon picking up the calendars from the printers, I decided I wanted to wrap them in a way that made them seem cared for, and to do all 70 myself. Of course, along with the goal of shipping them out the next day, during an already busy week.



Form & Function

Without getting into the economics of whether that was a smart move, I will just move ahead with process 🙂 So first, it had to serve form and function. Form: aesthetically pleasing, complementary to the calendars themselves. Function: Simple so as not to take more time than I had, and secure so that it adequately protected the calendars (those paper corners!).

I quickly played around with some methods and ended up with the following. To justify spending the time to do this, I decided to make a quick gif and also a blog post about it.



  • Kraft wrapping paper (I used Duck brand and it was surprisingly nice and thick)
  • Small silver bulldog clips
  • Hemp wrapping string (natural > white)
  • Washi tape (decent hold but comes off clean, and often has cute designs if you want it)
  • Bone folder (not necessary but it’s surprising how useful this little tool is for quick, clean folds! I was skeptical at first too.)
  • Stamps/other decoration (also optional)


  1. Cut a sheet of the wrapping paper to size. It should be about 2.5-3x the length of the material to form the top and bottom flaps. The side edges can be as thick as you want but should be at least thick enough to secure the item.
  2. Fold the side edges around the item. I found it easier to fold them as top and bottom rather than side to side. See gallery below.
  3. Fold the right flap in to fully cover the item. This creates the bottom part of your “envelope.”
  4. Fold the left flap into a triangle to form the top part of the “envelope.” If you like, tuck the tip under so it has a flat edge. I prefer this looks-wise.
  5. Tape the flap down.
  6. For the string and clip part, it’s up to you so long as it holds the envelope shut. I wrapped the center of the package with string and doubled it over. I tied it at the top and secured it with the bulldog clip.
  7. Stamp/decorate as you please.
  8. Done! Well, other than the remaining items you have to wrap.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I don’t know who else cares about packaging but maybe this will help someone out there looking for simple, cost-effective packaging ideas that looks almost Muji-worthy? Or not… anyway 🙂


Packaging all these calendars made for excellent NPR/Radiolab podcast binging (omg Invisibilia).
Thank you.

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