Weekly Illo #10: July 13-19, 2015

Life is a game | You play the cards you are dealt | But you don’t have to play by the rules of someone else
– I’m a limericky leprechaun!
Additional thoughts:

– Now I want to design a card game hah. Not the look of playing cards, but a game game. One thing at a time…

– No matter what, excited about Portland! Funny how I’ve been to so many places outside of the U.S. and so few inside the U.S… need to appreciate what you have 🙂 Haven’t had time to plan out an itinerary but ready to hipsterstereotype-it-up. Going to enter the next decade in my favorite setting—endless green.

– Moo.com has this “Printfinity” feature where you can print as many designs as you want on one side of cards, with no additional charge… that’s pretty unusual/incredible. I started with just one design and didn’t know they had this option until I was ordering. I ended up doing three more, and it motivated me to create both the downtown drawing and the Everything You Can Imagine drawing. Those ended up being more involved than I expected, so ended up with two new drawings I can use for other things. Motivation comes from random places.

– Needed to look into hosts for an illustration portfolio and I spent a few hours researching all the options. It’s kind of overwhelming! Looked at Behance Pro, CarbonMade, Cargo Collective, and a few others. Each has some pros and cons. Ultimately leanings towards relative newcomer Dunked because they have good templates and a nice straightforward CMS.

Happy to see my friend Carmen twice during her visit 🙂 Zinc and Perch are two of my favorite spots in DTLA.

Over the past two years I’ve been unintentionally becoming more vegetarian. I think it’s just easy to do in LA, so many delicious choices. Seeing a lamb skull at dinner makes me queasy now. Broken Spanish is really cute though!


See above re: portfolio hosting! Sometimes you just need something simple that you can update easily, and have some basic customization features. If I have more thoughts on Dunked I will share it here.

– MC

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