Weekly Illo #9: July 5-12, 2015

Additional thoughts:

– Oops I messed up on the dates. It should be July 6-12, not 5-12. Mistakes make it feel more REAL right?? 🙂

– This week I thought it’d be a fun challenge to focus on two things from the week that have rather abstract names and try to visualize them. They are The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, a book I just finished, and Death Cab for Cutie, a band I saw over the weekend.

– I could write a whole other post on the Wind-up Bird Chronicle. My first Haruki Murakami book, actually. It’s definitely one of those novels that sent me straight to Google after finishing it. But of all the analyses I read, and personal thoughts I had while listening (an unfortunate audiobook, but no other way I was going to get through this while working long days), my favorites came down to (1) the interconnected web we have with each other, between our own selves at different times, and both on an individual and societal level, and (2) the ebb and flow of pain and suffering, and the futility in trying to destroy it rather than master it.

– I love warm summer nights and the Hollywood Bowl. Saw Death Cab For Cutie this past Sunday. Not a cray dance concert, but they are great live and played almost all my favorite songs from Transatlanticism. My favorite song of theirs is I Will Follow You Into the Dark. I realized that can also be the name of a scary movie. =X


Horizontal flip: in both physical and digital drawing, flipping your image horizontally will help you catch any warping based on your personal skewed view. For example, being right-handed, my drawings tend to skew right. I created a shortcut hot button to make it even easier to quickly flip back and forth. Maybe I’ll do a quick tutorial on that next time.

– MC

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