Weekly Illo #6: June 15-21, 2015

Additional thoughts:

– As with any disciplinary practice, I’ve hit the week where I struggled to get this done on time. These are definitely getting more complicated, i.e. taking more time. A part of me wants to simplify and make sure they stay manageable, but a part of me is enjoying the mental challenge of making this harder each week. I guess we’ll see 🙂

– I’ve always wanted to attend E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) and I was very fortunate to have someone unexpectedly get me in to this trade-only event at the last minute. Totally came out of no where. Growing up with an older brother, Nintendo games and Final Fantasy are huge nostalgic factor in my life. Funny to see how things have changed and not changed. It was a psychedelic funhouse sensory overload!

Most notably for me, it was so cool to try Oculus Rift. VR is the future and crazy to think of so many things it can radically change as it gets better and more accessible. Not just TV and gaming, but education, traveling, everything, even reliving old memories… or memories you never had. Combined with AI, it is going to be hard to say what is truly “real life.” Like those who spend the majority of their time in their virtual personas on WOW or Sims, if it becomes more real in our minds than our “real lives,” who is to say which it is for your personal existence? If you can be happier in your manufactured life, who is to blame you for running away from reality?

As with any game-changing technology, there’s going to be both fear and excitement of its possibilities. I like what Bjork said in an article I recently came across: “There’s always that fear of the tools taking over. You have to define the morality of it: are you going to destroy with it or be creative with it?” There’s a lot of good that can be done with these things.

Inside Out. I highly anticipate every Pixar movie (see my post on Ed Catmull’s book Creativity Inc. if you need any convincing of my love for Pixar haha) and thought I was going to LOVE this movie. I think about the visualization of thoughts and understanding of our emotions and mental processes all the time, so this movie seemed made for me. Maybe that’s why it ended up feeling a bit shallow for me, that there was so much more they could have explored. I understand they have a wide audience to appeal to though, so it’s hard to find the right balance. Overall still a great movie with a great message about the importance of all our emotions, not just happiness 24/7.

– I want to do a whole separate post on Shigeru Ban! I should. My friend and I caught his lecture at LACMA and I got to meet him yay 🙂 He is on my Pinterest board “Inspirations: People I Like” haha so that was an unexpected treat. Beyond the fact that his buildings are gorgeous, I respect him because of his principled approach to architecture. First, he looks for environmentally-conscious solutions for everything he works on. Second, he has designed for the top of the top, e.g. flagship stores in Ginza (Tokyo’s Rodeo Drive) but devotes tremendous effort to disaster relief solutions for the poorest communities in our world. He treats each project with equal sincerity and effort. And he comes across as very grounded with a great sense of humor. My kind of guy!

Did a Mario-themed page in honor of E3 🙂 Super Mario Bros #TBT

So much going on in here, I couldn’t cover it all.


Mini desk vacuums!!! What would I do with all my eraser dust without you ❤

– MC

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