Weekly Illo #4: June 1-7, 2015

Some additional thoughts:

– I’ve never had to use Moneygram but someone needed to use it for various reasons. Wonder what thing I think is perfectly normal would seem this archaic to a Gen X-er. Maybe going to the ATM to deposit a check? The ability to deposit checks via your phone is pretty awesome.

– One work learning this week that didn’t make it into the illustrations: Once a customer/clientΒ has seen a version of a design/drawing they like, run any changes you plan to make by them first even if you think they’re minor. I was working on a drawing that was getting close to final.Β I felt I should clean up the “messy” sketch lines, and didn’t ask them first because I figured it was minor and the right thing to do. Turned out they liked that sketch feeling, and I had to revert it. So it was a wasted effort even though I was taking it upon myself to spend the extra time to do what I thought they’d want. You can never be sure what people like πŸ™‚

– This week was challenging for me as I had various negative energies hanging over my head. They were all minor but added together it could affect my creative mood. It’s better to just address these head on and try to get rid of them as soon as possible.


Those annoying impossible-to-fix cord twists, AMIRITE??


Bluetooth headphones!! I don’t know why I took so long to get these. I’m not talking the big over-ear Beats-type headsets. I just mean light, workout-friendly subtle ones. They’re not only way better for working out (no more cord flapping around or pulling out), it’s great for work too because I can get up and walk around without taking them on and off. And I can switch the songs from the earpiece without going back to the device to change the song. So worth it.

You can get super fancy or get these $28 ones that work perfectly fine.

Product photo glory. Maybe I will replace with a real photo soon.

– MC


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