Weekly Illo #3: May 25-31

Some additional thoughts:

– Part of this challenge is to learn to accept mistakes and move on. I really don’t like how the bottom left part turned out but I can’t undo/redo it. PS has spoiled me! Also, I think I just need to admit these things take me a while and make the limit two-three hours instead of two.

– I thought I was already relatively on top of being organized and editing my belongings (for someone who loves cute little things and cool gadgets, I actually hate clutter), but Marie Kondo takes it to the next level! Check out her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up here and Google talk here… it will make you want to KonMari your stuff right away :p

– I can’t believe it’s June already.

well, at least I know what I need to practice more of…


Something I try to remember to do is have my basic contact information on my device lock screens. In the lucky case a good samaritan picks up something you’ve lost, at least it can be one step easier for them to find you. You can easily add text to your wallpaper with apps like Over!

Just an example 🙂 Look at that weak AT&T service.

That said, I admit I only recently updated it on my iPhone and iPad but not my Mac. So should probably do that now!

– MC

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