Weekly Illo #2: May 18-24, 2015

(Intro/About the Weekly Illo is can be found in this blog post.)

Some additional thoughts:

– This one took me longer than two hours, so I technically didn’t meet the challenge. Need to simplify next week!
– I bought a little blender a while ago to grind up steel cut oatmeal, but I find I like using it to make haphazard smoothies with whatever I have in my fridge. My favorite so far is greek yogurt, chia seeds, honey, coconut water and almond butter.
– Upon further research, my long-held belief that the Monopoly man wears a monocle has proven to beincorrect! O_O

Including close-up photos this time, not sure if it’s necessary?

ninja nub and can’t-make-it hairs



In Photoshop, a magical feature is Fill -> Content Aware. It can sense the area around your selection and fill your selection based on that. For example, it makes it easy to remove an unwanted object out of the sky, or fill in a gap in a piece. While it will depend on how clean the surrounding area is, the results can be amazingly quick and seamless.  This article can explain it in more detail.

Tips will not always be Photoshop related. Here’s another efficiency hack: do squats while brushing your teeth 😀

– MC

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