Start of the Weekly Illo Challenge

So I’m trying a new exercise in self-discipline, illustration practice, and journalling. Yes combining all three because I try to be efficient πŸ™‚

Top secret strategy to climbing mountains: Begin with a single [manageable] step.


I’ve long been wanting to document my challenges, progress, and just random non-work related memories. However, I fully respect the time commitment it takes to do vlogging and blogging well.

Looking at what I can realistically tackle, I thought I’d try a weekly visual documentation instead, with the following self-imposed limitations as a way to at once challenge myself and also keep it manageable:

– Illustration must fit on two pages of a journal

– Illustration can take a max of 2 hours for both pencil and ink (maybe some minimal color in the future). Still trying to figure out how to make the actual blogging part faster.

– No pre-planning or designing; just a free flow of visualized memories

It willΒ range from things I learned for work, to n00b food recipes I made that week (try not to laugh), to adventures about town with my partner(s) in crime, to just pure emotions experienced.Β I’ll also try to work in a weekly shortcut/tip that I have found helpful that week.

These posts will be super short but hopefully consistent. Over time I hope it will provide a different glance into the goings-on of my life and mind, with some helpful tidbits mixed in πŸ™‚


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