Cool Chrome Plug-in: Palettab

I learned about this cool Chrome browser plug-in/app a few weeks ago called Palettab. Basically every time you open a new tab, it gives you a palette of colors and set of Google Webfonts. Really simple but well-executed, great user experience and certainly serves its purpose. I recommend it!

In any case, I started screenshotting a few of my favorite schemes, and wanted to share them here. Clearly, I’m a neutral colors kind of person. One is especially almost just like this site’s color palette 🙂 I’ll share that separately (I’ll try to update at least once every other week here). It was fun to put together and come up with color names.






2 thoughts on “Cool Chrome Plug-in: Palettab

    1. Thanks Helen, I appreciate it! Honestly, drawing well just takes dedication and practice, so I believe you can be as good as you want, in time. Getting through the parts where you feel like you suck that are challenging, but it’s normal to feel that way (I still do all the time!).


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